Investment Philosophy

Primary objective

Tideway Asset Management's primary objective is to deliver consistent returns ahead of inflation after all fees with limited risk of capital loss.

How we invest

Tideway are “conservative contrarians” which means that we often invest against the consensus but with a conservative approach to risk taking. We invest on a safety-first basis and have a strong aversion to permanent capital losses. We prefer a focused list of actively managed investments with genuine diversification rather than a scattergun approach.

Our ideas can take months to show results and so investment returns may diverge from mainstream indexes for periods of time.

Research-driven investment process 

Tideway practices “bottom-up” investing and importantly we do not invest on the basis of macro-economic forecasts. We employ a robust research-driven investment process to identify individual assets with good risk-return profiles and the capacity to generate consistent income. We perform our own in-house research, including company and fund manager meetings, rather than relying on third party reports.

We value certainty of returns and dedicate our resources to finding consistent cash flow at the right price.   

What we invest in

  • Tideway manage a range of UCITS Funds covering fixed income, absolute return and equity strategies
  • We leverage our expertise to invest in the right part of the capital structure of different companies and can pick between debt and equity to find the best value for a given risk profile
  • Tideway’s core investment expertise is in fixed income credit and specifically in Hybrid Capital.
  • Hybrid Capital is a form of debt that falls between senior corporate debt and equity. Hybrid Capital offers equity like returns from a debt instrument with predictable returns and quantifiable risks.
  • We focus our investments on large, household name companies with investment grade senior credit ratings and prefer regulated industries such as insurance, banking, utilities and infrastructure which form the majority of our portfolio assets.
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